Cyber Technical owns and maintains its own servers. Instead of relying on flaky third party web hosts or immature cloud services, we operate our own hardware to maximize up-time, improve flexibility and increase reliability. Our equipment is operated at a local data center that meets and exceeds the highest of standards for security, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

The data center that we have partnered with is SSAE 16 Type II Compliant, and is designed to meet all compliance requirements. Dual-factor biometric fingerprint scanners are used to protect the data center environment and video surveillance is maintained with off-site storage. 24/7 on-site security is maintained and facility access is strictly controlled.


Our network consists of multiple connections to the largest Tier 1 internet providers and leverages multiple fiber-optic internet connections. Power feeds are redundant and protected by battery backup and on-site diesel generators. We follow a regular backup routine and run replication schemes between our servers to ensure availability. We strive to maintain 100% uptime so that your website is always online and ready to serve your clients and customers.


Whether you run a small single person shop or a large business, our infrastructure is designed to scale as your needs grow. We strive to maintain low latency no matter how large or complex the site and we have designed our data center with future growth in mind.