Training and Education

When we build your website on top of our content management system, we are giving you a powerful tool that can dramatically increase the ability of your website to communicate with your target audience. Whether you need to post blog articles, change contact information or manage a large e-commerce system, the most advanced tool in the world is pointless if you do not know how to utilize it effectively.

In an effort to empower our clients and help them to succeed, we offer training in a variety of contexts. From 1-on-1 sessions to classroom based environments, we strive to give our clients every possible opportunity to learn to use the resources at their disposal.

Onsite Training

During the initial build-out of your website, we will meet with you for a series of onsite training sessions. These sessions are open to anybody in your organization, and are scheduled in phases so that you have a chance to work with the system as you learn its capabilities.

Supplemental onsite training is available to all clients for a nominal fee. It can be an effective way to bring new employees up to speed, learn more about advanced techniques or reinforce skills that you have already learned.

For clients that do not have facilities onsite that are conducive to training, we also offer 1-on-1 or class-based training at our facilities. Contact us today to learn more.

Training as Continuing Education

All of our clients are invited to attend our free monthly training sessions. The monthly sessions are continuing education classes that focus on the day-to-day use of Cyber Publisher. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, gain clarification on features, discuss issues and toss out ideas in a collaborative environment with other users of Cyber Publisher. The schedule for the training sessions is available on the administrative dashboard of Cyber Publisher, and you can register online any time.